LF4M Baron

October 1, 2006

Who asked ya!!

So you found this. If your wondering what this place is well then i suppose i can give you a quick introduction. This is where i will talk shite and post it so you can hear it in all its glory. If you are one of those goody good two shoes who get offended by curseing and swearing then you better get your arse out of here before i kick you out. Now that we got rid of them waster’s i’ll continue, dont worry i dont have teretz or whaterver its called and i dont find the urge to punctuate all my sentences with the use of the word fuck, but sometimes it helps 😉

Well i suppose this site is being made for my WoW podcasts but knowing me there’ll be other random junk thrown in there for good measure. It could be seen as an insight into your future world leader before i rise to power even because lets be honest, i should be running the place.

so anyways browse around, i’ll probably edit this as i work more on me lickle site here anyways so enough said.